Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Insect Habitat Project

Here's a project we did about 6 years ago.

We saw this  "Bug Hilton" at EcoFest, in our local town.

Very inspired, we came home and started to collect things to make our own.

We made a bit of a shopping list and visited our local re-use centre for some more bits.

And HERE is OUR version:

Not quite as tidy as the original model, but extremely habitable for lots of lovely bugs nevertheless - or so we thought.

We were careful not to touch it, although that was quite hard for some smaller ones ...

Sad to say, we mostly harboured wasps, but it was great fun.

We definitely wouldn't try it again right now as the whole region has been bothered by wasps over the last two summers, and we don't want to welcome them!   But if you live in an area that isn't so wasp-dense perhaps you could give it a try?

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