Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Give A Child A Scarf

Here's an old blog post I wrote in my "Give a child a ....." series some years ago.

Silk scarves are SO much fun.

Hunt in your local op-shop for some lovely colourful scarves for children of all ages!

Baby loves to

* chew them

* scrunch them up in their chubby little fists

* play "peek-a-boo" and "where has teddy gone?"


* roll on them after bathtime - feeling the silk on their skins.

Toddlers and older children may like to

* throw them

* wrap things in them, playing "presents for everyone!"

* make them into parachutes

* tents for teddies

* royal capes

* desert headwraps

* bedding for a baby doll

* wrap to carry baby doll around in

* sling for a "broken arm"

* bandage for playing doctoring

* blindfold

Let their imaginations soar!

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