Wednesday, 3 August 2016

An art idea from the Handbook

This idea is found in Adventures In Natural Learning:  Handbook

(You can see from the tell-tale dates on the photographs that we did this activity some years back!  Yes, my books have been a LONG time in the making!).

Using block crayons I coloured random patches of colour, some swirls and flowers.

One of my children did one alongside me.

Then I turned the paper over and drew pencilled squares, using a ruler.
(The picture below shows that I wasn't concentrating the first time I ruled them, and had to do it again!)

Then I cut the picture into little pieces.

Using a larger piece of coloured paper, I stuck all the little squares in a different order to make my patchwork picture.

Because I was in a hurry (I usually am!) I didn't set the pieces out to make sure they looked good BEFORE I glued them. Setting them out is a good idea. I just figured it would look ok as long as I didn't have lots of the same colour together. :o)

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