Friday, 6 May 2016

The Necessity of Splitting Up Into Teams At Times

Because of the number of children we have, and the challenges some have, we've learned that sometimes its best for us to do activities in teams.   We used to do most things together, but times change, and in this season the "separate team" thing is working.

Last year a team of us went to the local Community Centre and helped with their book fair.  That went well and was good fun.

Today, a small team stayed home, and the "adventuring" team went out with Daddy.  Esther didn't take the big camera due to the treacherous terrain she knew they would have to traverse.  But she still managed to take some nice pictures on her little phone camera.

It was lovely and shady on this part of the walk.

Daddy needed to help the little guy up this steep bit.

Sibling support.

Nice bridge.

After the bush walk, the team went for a long, long beach walk.

Interesting finds.

Back again, and chatting to some people who were camping.

Very, very lovely morning, building memories.

And unusually quiet at home.  Bonus!

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