Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Building Relationships

It's always been a goal of mine for the children to build strong relationships with each other.

Because the children are together so much there is, of course, bickering and tension, but when I see these two big guys of ours - still friends, and still enjoying each others company, then it gives me tremendous strength to continue with the next batch!   And I love this photo, showing our youngest sitting on a session with his big bros, learning how it's done.

I've noticed that other home educated families often have strong ties - shared experiences (good, bad and disastrous) and hours (and hours ... and HOURS) spent together, the older ones caring for the younger ones often.  If anyone dares to say how terrible this is for the older ones, then perhaps they might consider the skills an older one learns whilst helping, but not being ultimately responsible for, younger siblings.  Skills that cannot be learned elsewhere.

If you are in the season of having all small children, and you feel exhausted with the role of referee, peacemaker, and law-upholder, then I urge you to find strength to continue.  These children have a lifetime ahead of them, and the bonds they forge whilst they are all young and living at home will probably hold fast till the end of their lives.

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