Friday, 6 May 2016

Not Back To School

I wrote this post a few months ago.  The Greengage tree is almost bare and most of the cicada cases have been found and played with.  It's lovely to see how our place has changed in just a short time.


Normal life continues here as other children return to school after the holidays.

We took the doggy for a gentle walk around the paddock - he was neutered last week and mustn't run yet.  Along the way we found the Greengage plums were ripe.  Yummy!

Then we discovered more cicada cases in a favourite shady place to play.

One of the boys decided to run back and get the pruning saw as the oak tree had some annoying little branches that needed to be cut off.

 We found the nectarines almost ready - very exciting as its the first year we've had nectarines from this tree.

We also collected some camellia leaves for a project.

Back home we sat around the table, had a bit of morning tea,  and attempted to have "Cozy Time" whilst also chasing the baby away from the drawers, the dog's bowl, getting bits of Lego out of his mouth that had been accidentally left out and calming one boy who just wanted to get to the bit of Cozy Time where we would be discussing supernovas.

(I'm going to do another post on Cozy Time soon).

We all went our own ways after Cozy Time whilst Esther melted some chocolate for us.

One of the older boys looked after the baby whilst we had fun putting the chocolate on the leaves, then into the fridge.

We ate the chocolate leaves with a cup of icecream each at afternoon tea time.

It sounds easy when I write it out like this, with Esther's beautiful photography making our lives look picture book perfect - but we're just real people, with some very real challenges.  There were a lot of lumps and bumps in the road today as there are every day.   However, I just wanted to share our day to encourage others who have a hankering for a simple life, a belief that they CAN do this natural education thing, and for those who have NO CLUE what natural education looks like!   I am happy to answer any questions if I can.

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