Saturday, 11 March 2017

Smelly Bellies and Other Interesting Collections

Some children are REALLY drawn to having collections.

I know that many parents despair when a collection is of LARGE items or expensive things.

Our younger boys are VERY GRATEFUL that our oldest started collecting Action Man figures and bits and pieces when he was younger - all Op-Shop and market stall finds.  A pair of trousers here, a handful of weapons there, a boot here, a vehicle there, the swimming guy, the mountain climbing guy ...  He now has four boxes full of Action Man stuff that the younger ones are allowed to play with from time to time.   

Another collection our oldest started about 10 years ago is a swag of these delightful fellows:

Smelly Bellies were around when he was very little - but they were too expensive to buy - and I was annoyed by the fact that the marketing gimmick was that each Smelly Belly came in an egg - you never knew which Smelly Belly was inside the egg.  Not nice!

But, fast forward 10 years later and Smelly Bellies started to appear in the bottom of toy boxes at the Op-Shops!

Some were 10 cents, or 20 cents, some were 50 cents.

I remember one very exciting haul - we found handfuls of them at the ReUse shop, I think we paid a couple of dollars for those.

We rarely see them now, so I'm glad our son made his collection when he did.

What sort of collections do your children have?

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