Saturday, 11 March 2017

Four colour game

Three of us started playing this game.   I tried to get the fourth child interested, but he didn't want to know (we had never played it before, and he prefers to watch and see what everyone is doing before he tries something - I respect that).

However, by the time we were half-way through the fourth child had become very interested, and I asked him if he'd finish mine off because I had to go and do something ... er ... very important.

He really enjoyed himself too!

This is the way we played the game:

First I printed out some easy-to-colour cartoony pictures of people.  You can use anything you like.

Each player has 4 random colours to work with (actually I chose the colours carefully).  We used marker pens, but you could use crayons, pencils etc.

You must colour the picture just using those 4 colours.

When the first picture is done your set of 4 colours gets moved to the person on your right, and you get a new set of 4 colours from the person on your left.

And so on.

It's really interesting to see how other people colour the same image with different colours.

The viking below was coloured by my 14 year old who is VERY good at shading and mixing colours!


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