Saturday, 3 September 2016

Garage Sale Haul

We popped in to a combined garage sale thingie yesterday - just me and one of the children who doesn't mind crowds, jostling and holding bags of things for Mummy (usually books).

The children always know that I have them in mind when I look for things, so they didn't mind taking the dog for a walk around the block with Daddy whilst I shopped.

Here are some of the things I got - maybe your children might like similar things if you find them in a sale:

These little guide books are fun - we can live vicariously through the maps and illustrations. 

I leave the books around where people can see them - I don't make a "lesson" out of it.   But if I'm reading it I might call someone's attention to something if I think they'll like it. 

There are even some great ideas for interior design.   Hmmm ... maybe a bit spartan ... I do rather like soft furnishings. 

The images in these pictures often come to our minds when we're reading a story from the same era.  It helps to bring the story alive.

This welder's helmet was apparently the most exciting thing I bought.  It was worn for ages even though the wearer couldn't really see where he was going.   I know it is going to be used in many, many games in the future.

And for our toddler who LOVES to look right into pictures and study the details - some Constable placemats.

Whilst I am in danger of cluttering our little house with STUFF I know that new things can bring a freshness.   Because those new things are not junky toys or faddish trinkets I think I can justify my purchases.  Possibly.     ;o)     

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