Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Early Spring

When we learn to appreciate the intricacies of the seasons we can rejoice in all sorts of weather!

It is EARLY SPRING - there are going to be very cold days!  It makes me sad to hear people complain "I thought it was supposed to be Spring - what's happening to the weather?"

Where we live in the world we have lambs, daffodils, blossoms, catkins ... and today we awoke to a fresh snow-fall on the mountain we can see from our place ("our mountain").

But the sun was shining so we headed for a wee beach to play and climb for a bit till we got too cold.

Dressed for the weather (I DON'T LIKE cold ears!)


Bigger brother looking after little guy.  Warms my heart.  xxx

Today it was ME with the camera - so I got a rare photo of our daughter who usually takes the pictures for us!

The wind was cold, the waves were sparkling and the day seemed very REAL because of it all.

 A couple of locals.

If you are able to get out into nature this early Spring then please do!

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