Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The "No thank you bowl"

The "No thank you bowl" is one way we show respect to our youngest sweetie.

I introduced the concept to him when he was very little, and he picked the idea up right away.  Next time he sat down to eat something, he asked for the "No yank you bowl peeze."  I was quite surprised!

It means he can put food aside that he isn't keen on eating.  Often he will come back to those "cast aside pieces" and eat them at the end of the meal.  Or other times, the chickens are happy to have them, and give us eggs in return!

The other day I took a snack to him in the playroom where he was playing with one of his big brothers.  I saw him come running back down to the kitchen.

"What do you want?"  I asked.
"No yank you bowl."  He said as he ran to the drawer, got another bowl out and headed back to the playroom.

I went back down to check on him a bit later, the children were playing on the deck and the snack plate was empty.  So was the no thank you bowl.  
Very clean in fact. 
Licked-out sort of clean.  
Oh well.  The chickens missed out that time!


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  1. That's a wonderful is give choice and decision making power around food to the child. Will create a healthy relationship food by reducing force. I'm sure it removes food issues later on. And gives space which means things are tried anyway in their own time. Very nice