Tuesday, 4 July 2017

More than four seasons?

There's a reason that compasses have more than four points.

It's much more accurate to pinpoint exactly where on the compass one is supposed to be facing if one is searching for something. 

It's also handy, as we have discovered, to realise there are many DEGREES of emotions.  Rather than just happy and sad we have ecstatic, disappointed, confusion, surprise, amused, terror, regret, pain, embarrassment, grief ...

There are more than four seasons too.  Sadly some people even forget about spring and autumn, and just speak of winter and summer. 

Within the four seasons there are intricacies of seasons - early-winter, mid-winter, late-winter, early-spring, mid-spring ... etc.  In fact there are 12 of these - and 12 months.  Isn't that handy?!   ;o)  

When the cold days of mid-Autumn started I was sad, when out and about to overhear people complain "Winter's come early."    I wanted to say "It's not Winter yet!  It's Autumn!  Autumn is often cold, and sometimes warm.  It's Autumn-ey!"

So right now, on our side of the Earth, July means it's mid-winter.  We've passed the shortest day, but still have lots of heavy frosts and cold days and nights ahead. 

Seasons are there for us to enjoy.    We can enjoy them whilst playing games, reading, doing art and other fun things, warm and cozy inside, or we can venture outside and deeply enjoy the seasons - soaking up the wonder of creation.  

There have been days recently where we've chosen to spend our time happily inside, but we've also ventured outside too, (as hard as it may be to get out with some of the challenges we have in this family), filled our lungs with clean mid-winter air and got a new perspective on things.    

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