Thursday, 5 January 2017

Story Stones

We've been playing with our story stones for a while now.  I saw the idea on the internet, and bravely went ahead and made my own.

The reality of home-made, non-pinterest-worthy story stones looks a little like this (very cool retro suede fringed bag was an exciting op-shop find):

How we decided to play with them:

We all take turns.  Player one chooses five stones, carefully considers them for a moment and then launches into an oral story using the picture on each one.
Then we put the stones back into the bag.
Player two chooses five fresh stones and tells their own story.

A couple of the children here have a go, but usually they prefer it when Mummy tells a story!   

It can be a bit tricky getting a pen to work on your stones (I'm way too messy with paints) - a bit of trial and error, and it would have been better to maybe use some spray fixative as a lot of handling smudge the pictures off!  You can see evidence of that on the bottom right hand corner of the above photo (cave) or above the bucket stone (pond). 

Here are some most-excellently-Pinterest-worthy ideas for story stones:


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