Thursday, 1 December 2016


I’m using a medium-sized camphor box (like a miniature camphor chest) for our rainy-day-or-not-feeling-well-fiddly-things box.  I think it’s important that the box that contains the fiddly things is special and nice – it adds to the care the children take of the items inside.

Some children are extremely tactile and love to hold and feel things.  Other children are very orderly and like to sort and order everything they come across – both these types of children will love this idea.

In the bottom of our box I've cut a piece of purple fur fabric to fit so that everything sits safely in the box without sliding around.     
If you have room in the box include a nice piece of black felt or velvet, rolled up for your child to set the items out on.  

These are some of the items you might like to include in your box:
-          smooth glass shapes like marbles or glass sea-shells
-          acorns
-          chestnuts
-          bits of chain – various thicknesses
-          smooth or bumpy shells
-          wooden rings
-          bells
-          acrylic, enameled or wooden rings or bangles
-          deep sea shells
-          polished rocks
-          “sea” glass (bits of broken glass smoothed by the waves)
-          Beautiful old brooches (take pin out of back if children young)
-          Various old bits of beautiful costume jewelry (not junky!)
-          large beads of various shapes made from various things:
o        ceramic
o        acrylic
o        glass
o        wood
o        enameled

Another idea along this line is a button tin or button box.  It can take several years to collect items of interest to put in this tin, but it’s a lot of fun for a child to sort through the button tin, and it can calm a restless child as they look for all the dark blue buttons with the triangle shape on, or all the red car ones etc.

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