Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Beautiful things for your chilren

A "wise letting alone" - that's a Charlotte Mason phrase, and something I practice a lot.

"Picture Study" is very Charlotte Mason too and can be incorporated SO NATURALLY into a child's life.

The other morning I noticed my toddler quietly muching his cereal and staring at the placemat  he'd carefully pulled out from under his bowl.

It made me realise once again that children deserve beautiful things (a concept that is practiced in Montessori circles).  A beautiful wooden bowl, a picture of lovely painting to look at whilst eating ...

He was REALLY studying the picture.

These placemats have been part of our lives for so long (and are now rather shabby) that I barely notice them.

After a while he looked away and I wondered if I might bring his attention back to the picture, or whether it might spoil it for him.

I decided to quietly try to bring him back to it.

"I like the lady's hat."  I said.

He looked at the hat.   Then he pointed to the dog (which I hadn't seen) and said "Dog."   

He knew I was interested now.  He smiled at me.

But the moment passed as one of his siblings came crashing into the room wondering aloud what he was going to have for breakfast ...

Don't fill your children's lives with cheap, crass, cartoony images.  They might just enjoy beautiful things.


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